ARCH recruits in two areas for clinical research: clinical trials and study participation.

Clinical Trials

Drawing on long-standing industry relationships, ARCH identifies and finds studies by promoting the hospitalís research capabilities and endorsing its strengths. ARCH represents client hospitals at conferences and pharmaceutical industry events.

Clinical Trial Participants

ARCH liaises on behalf of the hospital with community organizations in outreach to the local patient population. ARCH connects to local resources and helps develop practical solutions linking clinical research activities to minority and other underserved communities. ARCH coordinates physician investigators and clinical coordinator presentations at educational programs that introduce clinical trials as an alternative treatment option.

  • Gain prestige and recognition within the medical community
  • Enhance patient care through utilization of the newest technology and medicines
  • Access new medications and cutting-edge treatments
  • Increase their influence in the local community
  • Develop prosperity for the institution and help it thrive financially
  • Attract and retain physicians interested in research
  • Achieve scientific integrity in service to the hospital’s Mission