Academic Research Centers and Hospitals (ARCH) has developed Clinical Project Management (CPM) specifically for hospitals. CPM can be implemented easily and efficiently, enabling hospitals quickly to become clinical research centers and interact directly with clinical trial sponsors.

Hospitals engaging in clinical trials :

  • Gain prestige and recognition within the medical community
  • Enhance patient care through utilization of the newest technology and medicines
  • Access new medications and cutting-edge treatments
  • Increase their influence in the local community
  • Develop new sources of revenue
  • Attract and retain physicians interested in research
  • Achieve scientific integrity in service to the hospitalís Mission

With many successful outcomes, CPM has proven methods for initiating, securing and implementing a hospital-based clinical research program for drugs, devices, biologics and related products supported by the biomedical industry. A turnkey solution with ongoing support, CPM comprises three stages:

> Development
> Operations
> Recruitment